Tiara Hana Indonesia, a Luxury Resort Property Investment Company that Started as a Home Business

- 11 June 2022 14:12 WIB
The Family Behind Tiara Hana Indonesia's Success: Hadi Moorthy, Meilina Hadi, Hakana Rathi, Hashifah Devi. (Photo/Tiara Hana Indonesia) (Hand-out)
The Family Behind Tiara Hana Indonesia's Success: Hadi Moorthy, Meilina Hadi, Hakana Rathi, Hashifah Devi. (Photo/Tiara Hana Indonesia) (Hand-out)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Tiara Hana Indonesia, a luxury resort property investment Company that owns 7 luxury resort properties in Bali & Lombok is actually started as a household business.

The company that won 2 awards as the best lifestyle property investment started as a property agent company with a small team of three people in 2012.

The founder, Hadi Moorthy, who has a background as a Sales and Customer Care Manager in the field of hospitality investment, started Tiara Hana with his wife Meilina Hadi in Singapore.

Their journey with Tiara Hana started when they made an inspection visit with some of their customers to the Wyndham Sundancer Resort Lombok project. The two immediately fell in love with its beauty and decided to make this their first project.

Unlike any other property they have ever seen - Wyndham Sundancer has tremendous potential to not only generate profits but also to offer investors an unforgettable vacation experience that can complement the lifestyle elements of typical property investment.

Together, they have the vision to bring this exciting investment concept to Indonesia.

"At the time, I had two young daughters, so I loved taking my family on vacation. I couldn't wait for the time when my daughter was so excited to play in the tub, my wife took photos and printed them in a photo album to capture the moment. that," recalls Hadi.

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Realize that they have the opportunity to be able to make this dream come true for other families in Indonesia. Therefore, they aspire to become more than just a property agent, but a lifestyle property company that can improve the quality of life of its customers.

He introduced the concept of investment to make luxury resort properties more accessible.

In 2018, the founders of Tiara Hana welcomed Hana, their eldest daughter, initially as a brand designer to learn the intricacies of management to become the spearhead of the company's future.

With a background in advertising & design, Hana's first and foremost role is to develop a brand with a more modern and attractive approach. Then by him, this investment concept was packaged into a co-ownership concept.

This is intended to instill a sense of ownership because each investor owns a part of the property. For a decade, this family company has continued to grow with more than 500 customers, 5 offices, 36 employees, and 7 luxury properties in beautiful destinations such as Lombok and Bali.

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