BNI KPR Disbursement Grows 8 Percent in Early 2022

- 19 April 2022 17:31 WIB
February 2022, BNI Griya Distribution Grows Above 8%
February 2022, BNI Griya Distribution Grows Above 8%

JAKARTADAILY.ID - PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BNI) recorded growth in the distribution of Home Ownership Loans (KPR) or BNI Griya increasing 8 percent year on year (yoy) in February 2022.

"The trend of property loan growth in the first quarter of 2022 tends to increase, especially KPR BNI Griya, where as of February 2022 it reached Rp49.8 trillion, growing above 8 percent," said BNI Consumer Business Director Corina Leyla Karnalies in an official statement, quoted from the, Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

Corina said mortgage growth in the first two months of this year had doubled compared to the previous year. It has even exceeded the realization of mortgage growth in 2021, which grew 7.7 percent (yoy) to reach Rp. 49.6 trillion.

With the improvement in the property and economic sectors this year, the company targets a total credit of 7-10 percent (yoy) by offering offers to prospective BNI Griya debtors.

"The BNI Griya program offered includes interest rates starting at 3.4 percent fixed for the first 2 years, light installments with the option to pay interest only for the first 2 years, as well as easy online mortgage applications with the BNI Griya eForm which can be accessed through the BNI website," Corin explained.

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Previously, BNI held the BNI Griya Expo in 2020 which was the first virtual property exhibition in Indonesia. In the future, BNI will continue to provide offers through offline and online programs and expos as well as other digital channels.

He added, BNI is committed to continuing to boost property sector loans in the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic as a form of national economic recovery effort.

"This is considering the property sector has a multiplier effect of more than 170 industrial sub-sectors which can be one of the drivers of the national economy," she concluded.

Editor: Mukhtar Wijaya

Source: BNI


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