Ralali CSR Shares Food to the Elderly at Budi Mulia Werdha Social Institution  and West Jakarta Cleaners

- 01 January 2023 20:43 WIB
Ralali CSR Sharing Food at Budi Mulia Werdha Social Institution. (Photo/Rarali)
Ralali CSR Sharing Food at Budi Mulia Werdha Social Institution. (Photo/Rarali)


JAKARTADAILY.ID – At the end of 2022, all employees of Ralali.com, who are often referred to as Rallian, are again holding social activities.

This time, Ralalian shared food with West Jakarta City cleaners and the Budi Mulia Werdha Social Institution on December 29, 2022.

CEO of Ralali.com, Joseph Aditya revealed, this CSR activity which carries the theme of the spirit of sharing is also a form of Rarali's gratitude for having made it through 2022 with quite good achievements.

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“Sharing activities like this have become a culture of Ralali.com, usually done 1-2 times a year. In addition to fostering a sense of sharing, it also increases our own gratitude as part of society," said Joseph Aditya in a written statement, on Sunday, January 1, 2023.

Joseph revealed Ralali.com takes the closing moment of this year by setting aside lunch every Ralali for 5 days to be distributed to those who need it more.

"This activity was carried out directly by the Ralalians, they went down to the field and gave rice boxes complete with side dishes and drinks to Opa (Grandpa) and Grandma at the Budi Mulia Werdha Social Institution located in the Cengkareng area and also to the father, mother, cleaning and security officers around West Jakarta city area," he explained.

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Ralalian visited the Budi Mulia Werdha Social Home, which accommodates abandoned parents who do not have a family. They are reached by the DKI Jakarta Social Service and on average they are picked up on the streets.

Ralali.com is a pioneer of B2B digital platforms that provide various programs and features to help business people, from brands to MSMEs in digitizing their business, also helping to connect with various resources to further develop their business.


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