PT Pos Indonesia Partners with Lion Air Group Launch Direct Trading Ecosystem to Facilitate MSME Players

- 29 December 2022 15:18 WIB
Pos Indonesia Collaborates with Lion Air Group to Launch Direct Trading Ecosystem to Facilitate MSME Players
Pos Indonesia Collaborates with Lion Air Group to Launch Direct Trading Ecosystem to Facilitate MSME Players


JAKARTADAILY.ID – Pos Indonesia Group through its subsidiary Pos Logistik Indonesia is working with Lion Air Group in a collaboration called the Direct Trading Ecosystem.

This program will focus on shipping and distributing products from farmers, breeders, fishermen, and MSMEs to consumers directly.

The commitment of the three companies was realized through the signing of an MoU between Pos Indonesia Group, Pos Logistik Indonesia, and Lion Air Group in Jakarta, Thursday, December 29, 2022.

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The President Director of Pos Indonesia Group, Faizal Rochmad Djoemadi, said this cooperation was carried out in order to accelerate the logistics distribution process for business actors in Indonesia and was one of the efforts to support national economic stability.

"The concept of the Direct Trading Ecosystem is a combination of the delivery system owned by Pos Logistik Indonesia which is reliable on land routes and Lion Air Group which specializes in air routes so that the distribution of products to consumers will be more effective and efficient. This can help create national economic stability," said Faizal.

The Direct Trading Ecosystem is a collaboration that combines several things from the Pos Indonesia Group delivery system with Lion Air Group, including flight routes (port to port), airport operations, and land postal network (post to post).

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Meanwhile, the same thing was also expressed by Lion Air Group, enthusiastic about this collaboration that makes it easier for Indonesian business people.

 "This collaboration with the Pos Indonesia Group and the Indonesian Logistics Post takes advantage of the capabilities of each company in expediting the flow of goods from the agricultural, marine, animal husbandry, and MSME sectors so that it is hoped that it can improve people's welfare as well as product competitiveness in regional and global markets," said the President. Director of Lion Air Group, Captain Daniel Putut Kuncoro Adi.

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