Indonesian Ministry of Trade Ready to Assist Exporters 'from Promotion to Packaging'

- 09 December 2022 16:34 WIB
Deputy Minister of Trade, Jerry Sambuaga at the Rejo Darul Musthofa Islamic Boarding School, Gondanglegi District, Malang Regency, East Java. (Ministry of Trade).
Deputy Minister of Trade, Jerry Sambuaga at the Rejo Darul Musthofa Islamic Boarding School, Gondanglegi District, Malang Regency, East Java. (Ministry of Trade).


JAKARTADAILY.ID – Indonesian Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga said the Ministry of Trade has trade representatives in various countries whose ready to assist exporters including students from Islamic Boarding Schools.

"If there are students who plan to export their products, the Ministry of Trade will assist. From promotions through Trade Representatives so that the product meets buyers, to facilitating certification and packaging," said Jerry Sambuaga in the National Economic Resilience Seminar at the Rejo Darul Musthofa Islamic Boarding School, Malang, East Java, earlier in December.

According to Jerry, Trade Representatives through the Trade Attache and the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC), are the spearhead of Indonesia's export success. His duties include identifying Indonesia's superior products to match the demands of destination countries and creating exhibitions for promotion.

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Jerry said that processed products with added value now dominate Indonesia's exports. Only about 30 percent of exports are in the form of raw materials.

This achievement cannot be separated from the role of the business community which is keen to see local potential and develop it.

"This is called comparative advantage, meaning that each region has different advantages. Islamic Boarding Schools have a role in empowering the economy of the surrounding community, by determining the mainstay products that need to be highlighted," explained Jerry.

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The Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry also emphasized that the presence of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Centers in several cities in Indonesia was intended to make the Ministry of Trade's assistance more accessible to the people in the regions.

According to him, trade performance in Indonesia which is still showing a positive trend and remains resilient amid global uncertainty is a great opportunity for regional economic empowerment on various fronts.

The students need to use this momentum to take a role in strengthening the regional economy.

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"Indonesia's trade performance has consistently shown a positive trend. One of them is through a surplus in the trade balance. To take advantage of this, students are encouraged to contribute to the development of the local economy. For example, by becoming exporters," said the Vice Minister of Trade.


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