Indonesian Ministry of Industry: Ten E-Cigarette Manufacturers Are Ready to Invest in Indonesia

- 07 November 2022 14:28 WIB
E-CIgarette. (Photo/Roland Mey / Pixabay)
E-CIgarette. (Photo/Roland Mey / Pixabay)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Indonesian Ministry of Industry stated that at least 10 e-cigarette manufacturers are ready to invest in Indonesia.

To date, there are 2.2 million users of other tobacco processing products (HPTL), including e-cigarettes.

“There are several e-cigarette manufacturers who are interested in investing in Indonesia. To our knowledge, there are around 10 companies that are in the exploration stage," said the Director of the Beverage, Tobacco Products and Refreshment Industry of the Ministry of Industry, Edy Sutopo in Jakarta on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

Edy saw that the growing potential of the e-cigarette business is an opportunity for cigarette manufacturers to inject their capital into the sector. The trend of e-cigarettes is emerged in Indonesia since 2010, and will be increasingly widespread in the next four years.

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Edy added that there are 2.2 million users of other tobacco processing products (HPTL), including e-cigarettes. The number increased by about 40 percent of total users last year.

"With this rapid development, of course the government needs to pay more attention," he said. The Ministry of Industry is still preparing arrangements and developments related to product quality according to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) which continues to follow technological, consumer and regulatory developments.

"The government also encourages research and development for the new e-cigarette industry so that the products produced can meet consumer standards and have a smaller impact on health," said Edy.

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Furthermore, the government is very concerned about the health of underage children. Moreover, e-cigarettes can only be used for people aged 18 years and over.

“E-cigarettes are for 18 years and over. The government, together with business actors and the media, also need to supervise. We are very concerned about child smokers, we don't want our young generation to be affected," he added.

Edy said that the imposition of excise tariffs on e-cigarette products is a form of government recognition of the industry.

"In policy terms, the government has recognized the existence of the e-cigarette industry, as evidenced by the imposition of excise duty," he said.

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