Indonesian Ministry of Trade Holds Talk Show Leading to the Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week 2023

- 24 August 2022 13:30 WIB
Indonesian Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan said that Indonesia's culture is key to establishing Indonesia as a Muslim fashion central. (Photo/Kemendag)                  (ecenkgondok)
Indonesian Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan said that Indonesia's culture is key to establishing Indonesia as a Muslim fashion central. (Photo/Kemendag) (ecenkgondok)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Indonesian Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan conveyed that Indonesia's cultural diversity, local wisdom, and human resources can be the key to realizing Indonesia as the world's Muslim fashion center in 2024.

“A variety of traditional Indonesian fabrics with philosophical values ​​are a source of creativity for designers and Indonesian Muslim fashion businesses that other countries do not have. This is the key to realizing Indonesia as the Mecca of the world's Muslim fashion in 2024," said Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan in Jakarta, Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Speaking at the Road to Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week (JMFW) 2023, Fashion Show & Dialogue entitled "From Local Wisdom to Global Inspiration", Zulkifli Hasan, who is usually called Zulhas, said that the market potential for Muslim fashion and modest fashion is huge.

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According to him, there are two things that encourage Indonesia to have a bigger role in the Muslim fashion sector and modest fashion.

First, the world's Muslim population is equivalent to 25 percent of the world's total population. By 2060, the number is predicted to increase to 30 percent of the global population.

"Secondly, the purchasing power of modest fashion products has increased by 6.1 percent in the last four years and is expected to continue to increase in line with the growth in the number of consumers/population," said Zulhas.

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In addition to fashion shows, the Ministry of Trade also held a dialogue with the designers from the eight brands regarding the development of the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry.

In particular, Zulhas will invite business actors in the fashion sector, especially Indonesian Muslim fashion, to sit down together and discuss.

"The domestic market is important, but it's time to go global. The Ministry of Trade is ready to fully support efforts to make Indonesia the mecca for the world's Muslims," Zulhas said.

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Zulhas also invited stakeholders to work together and collaborate in the success of JMFW in order to realize Indonesia as the mecca of world Muslim fashion.

The Road to JMFW 2023 Fashion Show & Dialogue event took place at the Office of the Ministry of Trade featuring a fashion show of eight proud Indonesian Muslim fashion brands, namely Kami, Ria Miranda, IKYK, Ivan Gunawan, Nada Puspita, Wearing Klamby, Khanaan, and Buttonscarvesx Benang Jarum.


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