BNI is Working Closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information to Combat Fake News

- 29 July 2022 14:38 WIB
BNI Tower in Jakarta. (Photo/BNI)
BNI Tower in Jakarta. (Photo/BNI)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – PT Bank Negara Indonesia, or BNI, said that the state-owned company has taken steps to prevent and combat fake news or hoaxes.

BNI's Chief Information Security Officer Andri Medina said that in an effort to deal with and stem false news, the company cannot act alone. Cooperation with various parties, especially stakeholders, is very important.

According to him, BNI which is listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange with the BBNI stock ticker, already has one tool for reporting by the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo), namely with agency complaints.

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"We (have) certainly optimized the Ministry of Communication and Information's tools, so that fake news can be suppressed and blocked. By blocking fake accounts, more fake news can be dammed so that it no longer spreads widely in the community. We also increase socialization and increase literacy in order to increase people's enthusiasm in spreading informative and quality content," he said in a press release on Friday, July 29, 2022.

Andri explained that there are also two strategies that BNI is using to confront and overcome current hoaxes. First, through developing the skills of BNI's internal team to accelerate the handling of hoax news cases.

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“Secondly, in the spirit of Go Digital, we use technology to detect and handle hoax news faster. This is very possible, especially with the help of artificial intelligence or AI," he added.

Communities Actively Fight Hoaxes

Acting Director of Information Application Control, Anthonius Malau, explained that in one day the Ministry of Communication and Information could receive up to 5,000 hoax news reports.

Thus, the Ministry of Communication and Information also welcomes the joint synergy to sweep up digital waste or misinformation that occurs almost every day.

According to him, BNI's steps in fighting hoaxes need to be appreciated. Moreover, BNI carries out reporting, which is also followed by various outreach programs to increase literacy and public awareness.

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“We also see that public awareness to report hoax news is increasing. Hopefully, in the future, more people will not be easily influenced by false news,” said Anthonius.


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