Majamojo and Agate Collaborate to Launch Memories, The First Interactive Storytelling Game Platform in SEA

- 07 July 2022 12:12 WIB
Memories is a game made by Agate, in collaboration with CIAYO, an Indonesian comic platform.  (Photo courtesy of Maja Mojo)
Memories is a game made by Agate, in collaboration with CIAYO, an Indonesian comic platform. (Photo courtesy of Maja Mojo)

Memories is an interactive visual novel game platform that offers lots of interesting stories for you to play with never ending possibilities.

Players can make choices about the story line and the final story.

Photo courtesy of Maja Mojo
Photo courtesy of Maja Mojo

Majamojo said it is ready to expand and dominate the gamer markets in Southeast Asia.

As a joint venture (JV) established from Telkomsel via INDICO and GoTo through PT Application Multimedia Anak Bangsa (AMAB), Maja Mojo said it has a strategic role to contribute optimally in advancing the gaming industry in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

This will be achieved by maximizing the synergy of the resources from the two companies as sponsors of Maja Mojo, which includes digital capabilities, technology assets, and an integrated business ecosystem.

"This synergy is a great opportunity for Majamojo to grow as a leading game publisher in his own country and its products will be able to dominate the gamer market in Southeast Asia," the company said in the statement.

"The ecosystem itself will include various services to make it easier for all Maja Mojo user bases to access the best game products made by local developers who are able to penetrate the Southeast Asian market, with special customization in language localization and price adjustments according to market needs in Indonesia," it said.

Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world, and 79 percent of its population is categorized as gamers.

In 2021, the number of mobile gamers in Indonesia will be the highest at around 114 million mobile gamers, as well as leading the market in Southeast Asia in terms of revenue.

"Our aspiration is to improve the potential of local game crators, so that Indonesia can become the host for the game industry in its own country," said Jungwon Han.

Majamojo, which was officially established on January 11th 2022, said the company expects to strengthen the Indonesian game industry, encourage and foster the development of more local digital talents to maximize the benefits comprehensively for more people in the country.

The company said it will focus on mobile gaming while optimizing the Telkomsel Ekosistem Digital and GoTo’s strentghs, including digital capabilities, technology assets, and wide-reaching ecosystems.

Majamojo is currently working towards establishing multiple partnership with local game developers who will work together to uplift the excitement for national game products.

Agate is a game development company that was established and based in Bandung, since 2009.


Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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