Prita Kemal Gani: In the Era of Disruption, Excellent Companies Must Have Excellent PR

- 01 July 2022 15:55 WIB
FIFGROUP Gelar acara Build Up PR Skill with Prita Kemal Gani bertajuk “Become Excellent Public Relations In Disruption Era”. (Photo/FIFGROUP)
FIFGROUP Gelar acara Build Up PR Skill with Prita Kemal Gani bertajuk “Become Excellent Public Relations In Disruption Era”. (Photo/FIFGROUP)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The era of disruption is a condition where innovation and massive changes have occurred that have fundamentally changed all existing systems, arrangements, and landscapes in new ways.

This happened driven by the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus over the last two years which has begun to show recovery at this time.

Indonesian PR expert Prita Kemal Gani said that in the midst of these major changes, the role of public relations (PR) has become very important to support effective communication both internally and externally to the company.

"Excellent companies have excellent PR, are able to improve and strengthen the quality of their internal communications first, which is then followed by strengthening external communications," said Prita Kemal Gani, in a virtual seminar organized by PT Federal International Finance (FIFGROUP). Thursday, June 30, 2022.

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Prita, who is also the CEO of LSPR Communication & Business Institute, said that PR must first strengthen its internal communication before conveying company information to the public. This aims to avoid miscommunication in the dissemination of information to external companies, especially to stakeholders.

"To support effective and efficient communication in the company, it is very necessary to have good and capable PR skills in maintaining the flow of communication," he explained.

The former chairman of the Indonesian Public Relations Association (Perhumas) for the 2011-2014 period also revealed tips for improving communication skills. According to her, there are two main skills that need to be mastered by a superior PR, namely Communication and Leadership Capabilities.

“Communication capabilities or communication skills become a fundamental that is needed for a superior PR. This capability is certainly the main factor that must always be improved to be able to carry out an effective PR function,” explained Prita.

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FIFGROUP Human Capital, General Support, and Corporate Communication Director, Esther Sri Harjati said that the presence of Prita Kemal Gani as one of Indonesia's PR figures opened up knowledge horizons related to communication and public relations for 230 participants who were people in charge of public relations at the FIFGROUP head office and branch.

“Communication, in any form, verbal or non-verbal, directly and indirectly, is a very important element in human life. The same goes for companies with more complex communication needs,” said Esther.

FIFGROUP's Chief of Corporate Communication and CSR, Yulian Warman, added that the role of public relations is very important to maintain the stability of a company.

According to Yulian, the communication function is an important part to be developed according to the company's needs so that the company can grow sustainably.


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