How to Withdraw and Deposit Money Without Cards at CIMB Niaga ATM Machines Using OCTO Mobile

- 06 June 2022 11:26 WIB
Withdraw Cash Without an ATM Card with OCTO Mobile. (Photo/CIMB Niaga)
Withdraw Cash Without an ATM Card with OCTO Mobile. (Photo/CIMB Niaga)
JAKARTADAILY.ID – OCTO Mobile, Bank CIMB Niaga's banking app, continues to provide convenience to customers through various features for healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly banking transactions.

One of these features is Cardless, which allows customers to withdraw and deposit cash at all ATM machines or CIMB Niaga Cash Deposit Machines without using an ATM/debit card.

Customers who want to use the Cardless feature, either to withdraw or deposit cash without an ATM/debit card, can follow these practical steps.

1). Create a Cash Withdraw/Deposit code via OCTO Mobile. The step is to log in to the OCTO Mobile application, then select Cardless/Cardless Transaction. After that, select Cash Withdraw/Deposit according to the desired amount and confirm with the OCTO Mobile PIN. If this step is complete, a Cash Withdraw/Deposit Code will appear.

2). After successfully creating a Cash Withdraw/Deposit Code via OCTO Mobile, then come to the ATM/Cash Deposit/Withdrawal Machine and select Cardless Transaction followed by OCTO Mobile.

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3). Enter the Cash Withdraw/Deposit Code. For Cardless Cash Withdrawals, the withdrawal amount must be the same as the nominal made on OCTO Mobile.

4). For Cash Deposit, enter the cash you want to deposit in the Cash Deposit Withdrawal Machine and confirm the amount and the account in question. The transaction was successful.

5). The Cash Withdraw/Deposit Code is valid for 30 minutes from the moment it is created. The maximum amount of Cash Withdrawal per transaction is IDR 1.5 million. Meanwhile, the maximum cash deposit is IDR 5 million per transaction.

6). In addition to the CIMB Niaga ATM/Cash Deposit Machine, customers can also make Cardless Cash Withdrawal transactions at Indomaret outlets.

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CIMB Niaga Head of Digital Banking, Branchless, and Partnership Bambang Karsono Adi stated that CIMB Niaga is optimizing OCTO Mobile features to support the implementation of sustainability into bank operations.

“We provide a choice of faster, easier, and environmentally friendly ways to transact to support customers' daily activities. With this Cardless feature, customers no longer need to worry when traveling, forgetting to bring an ATM/debit card made of plastic, because it can be done directly from OCTO Mobile at the CIMB Niaga ATM/Cash Deposit Machine," said Bambang in Jakarta, Thursday 2 June 2022).

With the Cardless feature from OCTO Mobile, customers contribute to reducing the use of cards made of plastic, so that it is in line with CIMB Niaga's initiatives in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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