Investree Reminds Users to Beware of Illegal Fintech Claiming to be Affiliated with Other Financial Services

- 02 June 2022 21:45 WIB
Illustration. A graph going up indicating profit. Markus Spiske/
Illustration. A graph going up indicating profit. Markus Spiske/


JAKARTADAILY.ID – Investree, a B2B marketplace lending platform for SMEs, reminds the public to be careful of financial platforms that illegally claim to be affiliated with other financial services without official cooperation which could potentially bring harm to its users.

Investree Co-Founder & CEO, Adrian Gunadi said, currently, there are many financial platforms that claim to be automatically connected to other accounts at banks, e-wallet, to fintech lending. This includes automatic financial recording applications that claim to be able to connect to Investree accounts and request access to their users' financial accounts at Investree (or other financial accounts).

“This finding is not surprising considering that digitalization is now accelerating. It should be balanced with strong and always updated financial literacy so that people are careful," he said in a press release, Monday, May 30, 2022.

Through moments like this, his party affirms its commitment to continue to strengthen financial literacy because it is very important to help people choose safe, legal, and useful financial platforms.

"We are also intensively doing this in the countries where Investree operates, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand," he explained.

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To reduce the risk of loss for users, Investree routinely reminds the public to only access and log in on the Investree platform through the official Investree for Lender website and mobile application to avoid irresponsible platform threats.

Meanwhile, to check whether a particular platform is officially collaborating with Investree or not, the public can visit the Partnership page.

The public is also advised to always check the legal status of fintech lending providers from the Financial Services Authority (can be via and seek information about each provider through their official website and social media channels.

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