Indonesian Minister of Manpower Awarded 15 Governors as the Best K3 Trustees

- 25 May 2022 11:47 WIB
15 Governors were awarded the Best Occupational Safety and Health (K3).
15 Governors were awarded the Best Occupational Safety and Health (K3).

JAKARTADAILY.ID – As many as 15 Governors were awarded the Best Occupational Safety and Health (K3) Trustees from the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower.

This award to the Governors is part of the 2022 Occupational Safety and Health (K3) Award category.

 "I give my highest appreciation to the Governor who has succeeded in fostering efforts to implement K3 in their respective regions, as well as to companies that have received K3 awards," said the Minister of Manpower, Ida Fauziyah, at the 2022 K3 Award Awarding event in Jakarta, Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Minister Ida said, in addition to awards to the Governors as the Best K3 Trustees, the 2022 K3 Awards also included the K3 Management System (SMK3) award category; zero accident award; awards for HIV-AIDS prevention and control programs in the workplace; and awarding the COVID-19 prevention and control program in the workplace.

Minister Ida, explained that the awarding of K3 Awards was proven to be effective in motivating stakeholders to implement K3 properly.

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This can be seen in the companies that received the Zero Accident Award in 2021 as many as 1,268 companies and in 2022 as many as 1,742 companies, resulting in an increase of 37.4 percent.

"The awarding of this award is part of the Government's efforts, especially the Ministry of Manpower, to continue campaigning for OSH, by giving appreciation in the form of giving K3 Awards to those who have successfully implemented OSH, and no less important is the award to the Governor as the K3 trustees," she said.

The 15 Governors who won the Best OSH Trustee Award in 2022 were the Governor of East Java, the Governor of DKI Jakarta, the Governor of East Kalimantan, the Governor of West Java, the Governor of Banten, and the Governor of Central Java.

Then, the Governor of South Kalimantan, the Governor of North Sumatra, the Governor of Riau, and the Governor of Sulawesi. South Sumatra, the Governor of South Sumatra, the Governor of West Sumatra, the Governor of Jambi, the Governor of Southeast Sulawesi, and the Governor of DIY.

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