BNI Expands its Business Network to the Netherlands, Supports International SOE Operations

- 20 May 2022 16:34 WIB
BNI is expanding its network to Amsterdam.
BNI is expanding its network to Amsterdam.

Expand Global Network, BNI expands to Windmill Country, Adds List of SOEs that Go Global

JAKARTADAILY.ID – PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk or BNI is expanding its network to Amsterdam to capture business potential in the post-Brexit region of Europe. This international branch network has the status of Representative Office Amsterdam.

Deputy Minister II of SOEs Kartika Wirjoatmodjo revealed that currently, 17 SOEs have been operating overseas, with a total of 83 branches, subsidiaries, grandchildren, and joint ventures in 26 countries.

"Representing the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, we express our appreciation to BNI for being proactive in developing its business network overseas. The inauguration of the BNI Amsterdam Representative Office adds to the list of Indonesian state-owned enterprises that are going global," he said in a press release published on their website.

Wiroatmojo said that BNI's presence in Amsterdam can improve business relations between Indonesia and the Netherlands, as well as with other countries in the European region.

"We are fully confident that the existence of the BNI Office in the European continent will be a catalyst for increasing economic and trade cooperation between Indonesia and the European Union and can encourage even greater investment into Indonesia from the European Union," he said.

BNI President Director Royke Tumilaar said BNI was present in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to target the post-Brexit European market.

The volume of trade transactions (export-import) between the Netherlands and Indonesia is quite large, including the flow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Indonesia as well as the potential for Indonesia-related businesses and Indonesian group companies.

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In addition, we see the large population of the Indonesian diaspora in the Netherlands so it can help various business activities, both MSME corporations and various global retail transaction businesses in the future.

"We hope that Amsterdam can become one of the strategic operational areas in the future so that we can increase our role as BNI's global bank Indonesia, which actively encourages direct investment in Indonesia while increasing the various economic potentials of the diaspora abroad," he said.

Royke continued that this overseas Diaspora population is a very potential business niche in BNI's international business ecosystem, where currently BNI is a bank from Indonesia with the widest overseas network, located in 6 countries.

“Diaspora potential is estimated at 600 thousand people, and specifically for the Netherlands, it is estimated that currently there are around 1.7 million people,” he concluded.

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