Collaborating with Shopee, Qoala Provides COVID-19 Insurance Products on E-commerce Platforms

- 11 May 2022 15:26 WIB
Insurtech company Qoala collaborates with Shopee in marketing COVID-19 insurance products.
Insurtech company Qoala collaborates with Shopee in marketing COVID-19 insurance products.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Insurtech company Qoala is collaborating with Shopee to market COVID-19 insurance products, along with insurance company Great Eastern General Insurance Indonesia which is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority, or OJK.

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Qoala, Tommy Martin said that this protection aims to provide peace of mind for the public in terms of mitigating financial risk.

According to Tommy, with the continued increase in cases of the spread of COVID-19, people are still overshadowed by a sense of worry and anxiety. In order to avoid the COVID-19 virus, people need to maintain their health by living a healthy lifestyle, consuming vitamins, and reducing mobility outside the home.

"However, all these efforts can also be strengthened with other protection instruments, namely insurance that is able to provide the best protection benefits if exposed to the COVID-19 virus," said Tommy.

This COVID-19 insurance can provide various essential benefits for the people of Indonesia.

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There are two protection preferences to choose from, namely protection for 1 month with a premium of Rp. 9,000 or protection for 3 months with a premium of Rp. 21,000.

With affordable premium costs, people are expected to have protection from financial risks caused by illness due to COVID-19.

Daniel Minardi, Head of Brands Management & Digital Products Shopee Indonesia said, Shopee always wants to adapt and strive to meet user needs through various innovations and collaborations that we present. He welcomed this collaboration with Qoala.

"We very well welcome the collaboration with Qoala this time to present Personal Accident Insurance Products, Inpatient Insurance, and Covid-19 Insurance that can be utilized by all Shopee users," he said.

Through this collaboration, he hopes to provide easy access to a wide selection of products that can complement the health and daily life needs of users.

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