Trading Robots Indicated to be Fraudulent Investments, Observers Remind People to Be Alert

- 04 March 2022 23:55 WIB
Trading Robots Illustration (PEXELS/weekendplayer)
Trading Robots Illustration (PEXELS/weekendplayer)

When someone creates an account and deposits US dollars, they're not allowed to use TT to the dollar but need to buy dollars from the organizers with 5-10 percent price higher.

On the contrary, when users want to withdraw, they won't be able to do TT to USD account and need to sell their dollars at lower prices.

"Indirectly, this [the scheme] gives instant profit to organizers. They'll make 5-10 percent profit for every new user," he said.

Third, the indication is that the trading robot offered does not have an algorithmic form and cannot explain how it works.

"No information. What are the disadvantages of these trading robots and [also] these trading robots cannot be operated at any Forex broker besides its original organizer? Be careful. Schemes like this usually last forever," he said.

The article was translated from's article titled "Robot Trading Terindikasi Investasi Bodong, Pengamat Ingatkan Masyarakat agar Waspada".

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Editor: M. A. Wahad


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