BRI Presents BRIBRAIN Academy and Develops Artificial Intelligence To Align With G20 Priority Issues

- 25 February 2022 21:45 WIB
Indra Utoyo, BRI Director of Digital and Information Technology. (BRI)
Indra Utoyo, BRI Director of Digital and Information Technology. (BRI)

The competition opens up opportunities for all, from students to Data Science and AI practitioners, to have the chance to work at BRI and build AI capabilities for the financial industry.

Founder of Expert Sharing Vision and STEI ITB lecturer, Dimitri Mahayana, said that BRI has become a leader in the banking industry in developing AI/ML.

"BRI continues to improve financial services so that this activity is important to be followed by AI talents from various walks of life throughout Indonesia," he said.

Participants were also then asked to build a model that covers data analysis to evaluation based on the dataset provided. Starting on February 14, 2022, this competition can be participated by all Data Science and AI practitioners from all over Indonesia. For more detailed information regarding the 2022 Financial Data Challenge, please visit the FOLLOWING WEBSITE.

As a hybrid bank, BRI has so far combined the strength of a physical network supported by more than 9,000 branch offices, e-channels, and more than 500,000 BRILink agents. This strength is supported by digital capabilities that have grown rapidly in the five years of BRI's digital transformation journey.

The firm believes that BRIBRAIN can improve customer engagement and create smart service and operational solutions that meet all customer needs.

The article was translated from's article titled "Selaras Isu Prioritas G20, BRI Hadirkan BRIBRAIN Academy dan Kembangkan Artificial Intelligence".
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