Crucial Trends to Watch for Investors in 2022

- 13 January 2022 18:08 WIB
Watch current trends to forecast 2022 best investment plans. (Unsplash/Adeolu Eletu)
Watch current trends to forecast 2022 best investment plans. (Unsplash/Adeolu Eletu)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – With the stock markets showing signs of continued volatility due to the COVID-19 pandemic, investors are likely to look toward the year 2022 for direction. The current trends could affect the investment trend in the upcoming time.

In 2021, Investopedia recorded that the price of crude oil rose by almost 80 percent from its starting point in 2021. It gradually declined to around $70 by December 15, 2021, when the year-to-date gain ended. The increase in the price is attributed to the recovery in the US economy and the Obama administration's anti-oil policies.

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Consumer prices in the U.S. have been increasing at a fast pace in the past couple of years. In November, the 12-month inflation rate reached 6.8 percent. Expectations of higher inflation rates are expected to drive the price of gold in 2022 from its current level of around $1,800.

Furthermore, due to the supply constraints caused by the semiconductor industry's production problems, used cars have been a busy market. This phenomenon is expected to continue into 2023. Meanwhile, the service sector, including hotels, travel, and tourism, has been experiencing adverse effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is still unclear whether the service sector will make a rebound or not.

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New home sales have also gained momentum, reaching a new record high in October 2021. According to a research note, the recovery in the market is being influenced by lower mortgage rates and a renewed bout of COVID fear in various cities.

Since the recovery from the pandemic has been sluggish, the labor market has been tight. Many job openings were going unfilled, and support for workers' rights and conditions has also increased.

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