OJK Cirebon Head Fredly Nasution Speaks on the Involvement of Two Staffers in the BPR KR Case

- 27 March 2023 18:53 WIB
Head of the Cirebon Financial Services Authority (OJK) Cirebon, Muhammad Fredly Nasution. (Jakartadaily.id)
Head of the Cirebon Financial Services Authority (OJK) Cirebon, Muhammad Fredly Nasution. (Jakartadaily.id)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Office of the Cirebon Financial Services Authority (OJK) has provided clarification regarding two of its officials who are said to be involved in the bad credit of the People's Credit Bank Karya Remaja (BPR KR) Indramayu.

OJK head Muhammad Fredly Nasution did not deny that two former Cirebon OJK officials were involved in BPR KR's bad loans.

He explained that at first, his party received information about the involvement of the two officials from the Central OJK Office.

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The actions of the two officials were discovered through OJK's Whistle Blowing System (WBS) in 2018 when both were still on duty at OJK Cirebon.

The WBS is a means for conveying, managing, and following up on reports regarding alleged violations committed by OJK internal parties.

The two OJK officials, said Fredly, were known to have violated the rules in applying for credit at BPR KR Indramayu.

"The problem is related to credit applications that are not in accordance with existing regulations, and this happened in 2018," said Fredly in Cirebon, Friday, March 24, 2023.

For the actions of the two individuals, the Central OJK gave them severe sanctions in the form of a demotion.

When asked about the amount of bad credit the two OJK officials had at BPR KR worth Rp 3.3 billion, Fredly refused to comment further.

Because according to him, the one who has the right to explain this is BPR KR.

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However, he suspects that the amount may be an accumulation of fines, interest, and installment arrears.

Operational Director of BPR KR Indramayu Bambang Supena said that his party had reported the two officials to the Central OJK.


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