Two OJK Cirebon Staffers Suspected to be Involved in the BPR KR Indramayu Bad Loans Case

- 27 March 2023 17:34 WIB
The BPR Karya Remaja Indramayu Office. ( Karya Remaja Facebook Page)
The BPR Karya Remaja Indramayu Office. ( Karya Remaja Facebook Page)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Two staffers from the Financial Services Authority Cirebon were allegedly involved in the Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Karya Remaja, or BPR KR case.

The bank, located in Indramayu, West Java, allegedly registered Rp 141 billion in bogus loans and is currently unable to return the money to its customers.

BPR KR is a Regional Public Company, as such, it is owned by the Regional Government of Indramayu.

The Regent of Indramayu, Nina Agustina, who uncovered the bad credit case, was reportedly infuriated by the discovery.

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Not playing around, Nina Agustina immediately formed a Task Force (Satgas) for Handling Troubled Debtors and Asset Rescue (PDBPA) of BPR KR from the problem loans.

Nina Agustina explained that the Task Force's duties include collecting data, tracking assets in arrears, and collecting bad loans from all the debtors at BPR KR.

"We are very serious about dealing with bad credit. This is because it concerns the sustainability of BUMD and most importantly the money belongs to customers, belongs to the people of Indramayu, not groups or individuals," said Nina.

According to the most recent reports, the people's credit bank owes Rp 141 billion from 201 customers.

The West Java District Court has also named two people as suspects in the BPR KR case.

One being the director of BPR KR Indramayu with the initial S and a debtor with the initials DH.

The designation of these suspects was carried out after the West Java District Prosecutor General's Office conducted an initial investigation regarding the bad credit at BPR KR.

Shortly after, the involvement of the two OJK Cirebon officials was also discovered. The two individuals allegedly received loans of Rp 3.3 billion each from BPR KR without collateral.

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Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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