Behind the BPR KR in Indramayu, Caught in the Middle of a Bad Loans Case to the Tune of Rp 141 billion

- 27 March 2023 16:40 WIB
The BPR Karya Remaja Offices in Indramayu, West Java. ( Indramayu Facebook page)
The BPR Karya Remaja Offices in Indramayu, West Java. ( Indramayu Facebook page)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Karya Remaja People's Credit Bank, or BPR KR, is currently under government and public scrutiny as the bank reportedly registered up to Rp 141 billion in bogus loans. 

This article will be taking a look at the profile and history of the bank, which has branch and cash offices spread across 21 subdistricts, in Indramayu, West Java

The Regent of Indramayu, Nina Agustina has stated that the case occurred before she took office, but promised to hold the perpetrators accountable.

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Owned by the local government

BPR KR is a Regional Company that was established based on the Regional Regulation of Indramayu Regency Number 2 of 2010, on March 22, 2010, regarding the formation of a Regional BPR KR

Then it was amended by Regional Regulation 11 of Indramayu Regency Number 12 of 2011, dated November 17, 2011, concerning the Regional BPR KR which merged 15 Regional Companies (PD) BPRs throughout Indramayu Regency into one company, on a consolidated basis.

The result of the 15 PD BPR melding to become the Regional BPR KR. According to BPR KR's official website, BPR KR has 16 branch offices, with one head office and four cash offices.

The consolidation of 15 PD BPRs was submitted to Bank Indonesia and on 12 October 2012, a decision was issued for approval from Bank Indonesia through the Decree of the Governor of Bank Indonesia Number: 14/15/KEP.DpG/2012.

This decree contains the granting of permits for the business consolidation of fifteen PD BPRs to become PD BPR Karya Remaja.

The notary deed of establishment of PD BPR Karya Remaja was signed and ratified on Monday, 03 December 2012.

This is the name of the CEO

"With the above legal bases and with the grace of Allah SWT, PD BPR Karya Remaja has completed carrying out the thorough consolidation process, as well as being announced, on Tuesday, December 4, 2012, by the Main Director, Mr. Drs. H. Sugiyanto. At that time Also, the Head Office of PD BPR Karya Remaja was also inaugurated by the Regent of Indramayu, Mrs. Hj. Anna Sophanah," wrote the official website of BPR KR on the About Us page.

PD BPR Karya Remaja changed its form to become Perumda BPR Karya Remaja with the enactment of Regional Regulation of Indramayu district Number 9 of 2019 dated December 23 2019 concerning Regional Public Corporations of BPR KR.


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