H3C NAVIGATE 2023 International Business Summit Successfuly Concludes in Bali, Indonesia

- 01 March 2023 16:56 WIB
Brighten Li, Chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup. (Photo/H3C)
Brighten Li, Chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup. (Photo/H3C)

H3C Embedding Localization in Digital Transformation, Gaining Momentum with the Three-pronged Strategy

Digital transformation is becoming a top priority for business leaders, with expenditures on track to exceed US$3.4 trillion by 2026, according to IDC’s report. Nevertheless, the next phase of this transition poses new issues, such as how can digital technologies come truly integrated into local economic development. Indeed, digital transformation is not a simple one-time task.

It requires the consideration of several factors, including adaptability to business processes, productivity, and organization culture, compatibility with architecture, systems platforms and applications, sustainable business application, system upgrade, and skills development.

In 2022, H3C rolled out its international business strategy focusing on building a healthy ecosystem and offering scenario-based solutions. This year, H3C upgraded the strategy to localization. “Think Globally, Act Locally” seeks to localize technology innovation capabilities, talent empowerment, and ecosystem, ensuring fast and sustainable development by integrating digital technologies into local industries and economies.

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Firstly, to build localized technology innovation capabilities. H3C has launched five scenario-based solutions: Synergy Working, Innovative Education, Smart Manufacturing, Efficient Healthcare, and Reliable Public Service in response to the increasing demand for digital transformation across various sectors worldwide.

Secondly, to enhance localized talent empowerment. H3C hopes to collaborate with local customers and partners to build a comprehensive ICT talent system that enables colleges, institutions, ICT engineers, and other groups through technical lectures, practical training, and other methods. The nurturing of local ICT talents thus will help local digital transformation.

Thirdly, to build a localized ecosystem. H3C has made remarkable achievements in building an open, win-win, and blooming global partner ecosystem over the last several years. So far, H3C has more than 200 service partners, delivering more than 800-hour service training and 1,200-hour technical training with more than 1,800 certified talents worldwide, to provide timely and high-quality delivery service to local customers.

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H3C is committed to laying the groundwork and providing resources to support a sustainable, innovative, and win-win development model through infrastructure building, technology innovation, talent training, and industry integration. By doing this, H3C is able to assist governments and industries in finding a digital transformation path that meets local realities. (***)

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