Man Truck & Bus Partners with Inframach to Tackle the Commercial Truck Market in Indonesia

- 14 September 2023 00:23 WIB
GM Inframach William Soputro (lefti) and Andrew O’Brooks, Vice President of Cluster Australasia, MAN Truck and Bus. (Photo:JD/inframarch)
GM Inframach William Soputro (lefti) and Andrew O’Brooks, Vice President of Cluster Australasia, MAN Truck and Bus. (Photo:JD/inframarch)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Heavy-duty trucks hold significant potential in the Indonesian market, fuelled by positive economic growth, which demands efficient goods transportation and logistics. Heavy-duty trucks find applications in various sectors, including mining, construction, freight delivery, and distribution.

With their capacity to carry substantial loads and a range of cutting-edge safety and comfort features, heavy-duty trucks offer a reliable solution to meet transportation and logistics needs across Indonesia.

One of the global leaders in the heavy-duty commercial truck segment is MAN Truck & Bus, boasting an annual sales figure of approximately €11 billion (2022). Their product portfolio encompasses vans, trucks, buses, diesel and gas engines, along with services related to both passenger and freight transportation.

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Currently, Inframach has been appointed by MAN Truck & Bus as the distributor and 3S (sales, service, and spare parts) dealer in Indonesia. The Mining Expo 2023 serves as the platform for the launch of their latest products, the MAN TGS 40.400 6x4 BB CH and TGS 40.480 6x6 BB.

Andrew O’Brooks, Vice President of Cluster Australasia at MAN Truck & Bus, stated, that this marks the introduction of the All-New Trucknology Generation 3 (TG3) series in Indonesia.

Andrew said, these trucks come equipped with standard engine configurations complying with Euro V Emission Standards, a new electrical architecture designed for future autonomous capabilities, improved fuel efficiency, and lighter chassis weight, all while maintaining MAN's renowned rugged chassis capable of handling heavy payloads due to enhanced axles, and engines that deliver increased performance with improved torque.

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“With this impressive combination tailored for the Indonesian market, we are confident that it will be the top choice for customers, maximizing fuel efficiency and ensuring exceptional reliability,” he said.

The heavy-duty MAN TGS 40.400 6x4 BB CH will be showcased during the Mining Expo 2023, featuring a 20M3 scow end tipper body suitable for Over Burden Removal applications. Meanwhile, the TGS 40.480 6x6 BB is well-suited for Mining Support applications, including but not limited to Fuel Trucks, Water Trucks, and Lube Trucks.

Another advantage of this product is that it comes equipped with both Passive and Active safety solutions, including compliance with UNECE R29-3 standards for the cabin (Four (4) point impact safety testing) and a protective structure with a driver's airbag as standard. In terms of active safety, there are numerous options such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), cameras, and telematics solutions that enhance safety not only for the driver but also for pedestrians and the surrounding environment.

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"Our goal in the next three years is to be among the top three players in the European truck segment in Indonesia, with a targeted market share of 20%," added Andrew O’Brooks.

Furthermore, in 2024, we plan to introduce various Tractor Head models for diverse applications, along with an 8x4 chassis designed for mining applications.


Editor: Mukhtar Wijaya


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