TAYS Enters Transformative Partnership with MIXIO Incorporated to Elevate Presence in Japan

- 06 September 2023 23:38 WIB
Production in PT Jaya Swarasa Agung Tbk factory. (Foto:JD/TAYS).
Production in PT Jaya Swarasa Agung Tbk factory. (Foto:JD/TAYS).

JAKARTADAILY.ID – PT Jaya Swarasa Agung Tbk atau Tays Bakers (IDX: TAYS) announces a momentous step forward with the formal signing of a strategic partnership and investment agreement with a respected Japanese partner renowned for their long-term commitment.

This landmark partnership opens doors for TAYS as a dynamic Indonesian player in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry to exclusive distribution opportunities within the vibrant Japanese market.

Alexander Anwar, CEO at Tays Bakers, expressed profound enthusiasm and said that the signed agreement represents a new era for TAYS, as well as maximizing the growth potential of the company in the future.

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"The collaboration between TAYS and Mixio Holdings Incorporated signifies our joint aspiration for a healthier, more flavorful world of snacks, not just in Indonesia and Japan but throughout the world. We eagerly anticipate the exciting opportunities ahead," he said in a press statement, quoted, on September 6, 2023.

TAYS had the opportunity to collaborate with Mixio Holdings Incorporated, a Japanese company established in 1943 that is engaged in the production and sale of snacks.

This strategic partnership sets to enhance TAYS' research and development capabilities, paving the way for the creation of innovative, health-centric snacks that resonate with ever-evolving consumer tastes.

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The strategic agreement includes not only investment but also exclusive rights for the distribution of TRICKS products in Japan through the networks owned by Mixio Holding Incorporate and its partners.

On the other hand, TAYS will obtain the R&D know-how, as well as production and distribution rights for Sanshu Seika’s Pasta Snack in Indonesia.

TAYS reiterates its vision of the FMCG snack future market with much larger growth potential and healthier offerings. The company's steadfast commitment to product excellence, coupled with this groundbreaking partnership, lays the foundation for an exciting journey toward increased revenue, expanded distributions, and enhanced value creation. (***)


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Editor: Mukhtar Wijaya


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