Kopi Kapal Api Shareholder Reveals Details After Being Accused of Tax Embezzlement

- 27 October 2021 17:52 WIB

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Seeking justice through legal channels to uncover embezzlement of money and falsification of PT Kahayan Karyacon's deed, is not an easy matter for Mimihetty Layani and Christeven Mergonoto.

The majority shareholder of the light brick company is allegedly being attacked by slander through news publications. Slanderous attacks were also directed at Soedomo Mergonoto, a shareholder of Kopi Kapal Api and Mimihetty's husband.

"The negative publication is to disguise embezzlement allegedly committed by the company's directors, namely Leo Handoko, Ery Biyaya, Chang Sie Fam and Feliks at PT Kahayan Karyacon who has now been named suspects by the Criminal Investigation Department ...," said Soedomo Mergonoto through his attorney,  Nico SH MH, on Tuesday.

Nico revealed that the news at this time does not even focus on Kahayan Karyacon but personal attacks against Soedomo Mergonoto and Kapal Api which have no relations with Kahayan Karyacon.

"One of which is the news of the Arteria Dahlan video from a year ago related to PT AL and has nothing to do with Kahayan Karyacon," said Nico, Mimihetty and Christeven's attorney.

Regarding the video, Nico explained that Soedomo Mergonoto was present at the PT AL EGMS (Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders) because he was given a copy by the shareholders. "He was asked by one of the shareholders to mediate their company’s internal dispute," Nico said.

“When attending the EGMS, Soedomo did not bring a recording device and did not record the EGMS. Soedomo is only a mediator and is not involved and does not interfere in PT AL's internal disputes," he said.

According to Nico, The LQ law firm’s accusation that Mimihetty forbade the board of directors to make Kahayan's financial statements is “stupid.” “LQ should understand that financial reports are the responsibility of the Board of Directors. It is the company's obligation to report the SPT, if there is no financial report, how can the company report the SPT," he said. 

Mimihetty and Christeven repeatedly asked for financial reports from the directors as accountability during their tenure for the 2012-2017 period. "But it's (the company) always at a loss," Nico said. Mimihetty once visited the location to check but was always prevented from asking for financial statements. "Delegating the audit team was also difficult," he said. 


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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