Indonesian Ministry of Manpower Sends Off 74 Vocational Internship Participants to Japan

- 24 March 2022 03:55 WIB
Illustration. Shibuya at nighttime. Jezael Melgoza/Unsplash
Illustration. Shibuya at nighttime. Jezael Melgoza/Unsplash

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Indonesian Ministry of Manpower is sending 74 workers in collaboration with the International Manpower Development Organization Japan to participate in internship programs.

The 74 workers will be sent to work in industry, manufacturing, construction, as well as caregiving. 

"I hope you will succeed and return to Indonesia so that you can create business or work, which in the end you can employ your friends and donate your fulfill your duty to help your fellow man," said Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah when releasing 74 apprentices at the Center for Vocational and Productivity Training (BBPVP) Cevest, Bekasi City, West Java on Wednesday, March 23.

The apprenticeship program to Japan is the result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Manpower and IM Japan since 1993, which is one of the solutions in preparing a competent and relevant Workforce for the latest labor market needs.

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According to Ida Fauziyah, the apprenticeship to Japan which has been going on for about 30 years has proven to be able to produce workers who have qualified skills, work ethic, discipline, fighting power, perseverance, and independence.

"I also observed that apprenticeship to Japan can improve the standard of living for apprentices and their families, and not a few of the apprenticeship alumni are able to become entrepreneurs and create jobs," he said.

The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world in the last 2 years has resulted in the cessation of sending apprentices to Japan since January 2021. Although it was opened in November 2021, the Japanese government has again closed the door to foreigners due to the Omicron variant.

To the 74 apprentices, Ida Fauziyah advised that for the 3-year duration of the internship, they would be diligent in practicing and practicing as well as increasing their knowledge of Japanese in the company, complying with the norms that apply both in the company and in the company/community environment as well as customs in Japan.

"Don't be easily influenced by incitement, persuasion, and tempting lures from any party which eventually leads to disciplinary and illegal actions. If there are complaints, please contact the local IM Japan Representative or the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo," said Ida Fauziyah.

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