FAO's 36th Asia and Pacific Regional Conference to be Hosted in Dhaka, Discuss Recovery for Agri Sectors

- 18 February 2022 13:17 WIB
Ilustrasi Sawah Penghasil Beras (Foto: Oleh Tom Fisk dari Pexels)
Ilustrasi Sawah Penghasil Beras (Foto: Oleh Tom Fisk dari Pexels)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The 36th Asia and Pacific Regional Conference convened by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization will be hosted in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from March 8 to March 11 this year.

Ministers from 46 countries in Asia and the Pacific will gather in the conference to reach a consensus inter-alia on the way forward, following the damage dealt by the global Pandemic to lives and livelihoods of those involved in the food and agriculture sectors in the world’s most populous region. 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh will welcome delegates to the Conference, which will be hosted online and offline, according to their website.

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While a significant focus of APRC36 deliberations will be on COVID-19 recovery efforts, the conference will also provide a forum for representatives to discuss national and regional priorities, such as Covid-19, the state of agriculture, natural resources management, food security, and nutrition.

Biodiversity and nutrition in the Pacific Islands is important topic for discussion. Balancing the needs of people, domestic animals, wildlife, biodiversity, and ecosystems through One Health approaches, in the face of limited natural resources, while addressing ongoing threats to plants/crops and animals, such as Locusts, Fall Armyworm, African Swine Fever, and Avian Influenza, across the vast region will also be discussed.

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Implementing the new FAO strategy on dealing with climate change and opportunities that are emerging from applications of innovation, science, and digitalization in the food and agriculture sectors to provide solutions will be discussed. An in-depth explanation of all of these topics is available here and more information about the #APRC36 can be found on the Conference Website homepage.

Ultimately, the aim of the Conference is to rebuild with better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life for all – leaving no one behind.

The 46 Member Nations in Asia and the Pacific, as FAO’s regional Governing Body, will set in motion a two-year course of work for the FAO Regional Office and its technical specialists, through the direction of a set of prioritized country and regional needs.

Visit the FAO website here for more information.

Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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