Erick Thohir the Most Popular Vice Presidential Candidate According to a Matchmaker Survey

- 16 December 2022 18:42 WIB
The Matchmaker's survey selects the future pair of President and Vice President. (Photo: The Matchmaker/ Detikcom survey)
The Matchmaker's survey selects the future pair of President and Vice President. (Photo: The Matchmaker/ Detikcom survey)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Ganjar Pranowo and Erick Thohir were voted as the most favorite presidential candidate pairing in a matchmaking survey done by

Erick Thohir, who is currently the Minister of State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN), is also ranked first as the favorite vice presidential candidate in a survey that took place from December 1-8, 2022.

The Matchmaker is an exclusive program made by to welcome the 2024 election. The program invites readers to choose and match their favorite president and vice presidential candidates.

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The names of the figures in The Matchmaker poll were filtered from the results of various surveys by well-known institutions in Indonesia, including Saiful Mujani Research & Consulting (SMRC), Charta Politika, Kompas Research and Development, and a number of other surveys.

In The Matchmaker, which rolled out in early December, as many as 1,954 readers participated in choosing their favorite presidential and vice presidential candidates.

The Ganjar-Erick pair, which received 836 votes, far surpassed the other two pairs, Prabowo Subianto-Ganjar, with 158 votes, and Ganjar-Ridwan Kamil with 146 votes.

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Ganjar, who is currently the Governor of Central Java, also occupies the first position in the Top 5 favorite presidential candidates with 1,261 votes. Meanwhile, Erick Thohir occupied the top position of the Top 5 Vice Presidential Candidates with 871 votes.

In the presidential candidate position, Ganjar surpassed the other candidates, namely Anies Baswedan, with 298 votes, Prabowo Subianto (247), Erick Thohir (41), and Ridwan Kamis (28).

Meanwhile, for the vice presidential position, Erick has succeeded in overcoming the other candidates, namely Ridwan (258), Ganjar (223), Prabowo (96), and Agus Harimurti (87).

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According to Hotman Siahaan, a sociologist who is also a political observer from Unair, a duet Ganjar-Erick continues to receive support from various groups to run as a candidate for President and Vice President.

It is because Ganjar is a type of solidarity maker, and has a large and strong supporter base at the grassroots, while Erick is an administrator and executor with the skills to manage SOEs so that he is able to achieve positive achievement.


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