Indonesian House of Representatives Plenary Meeting Approved Admiral Yudo Margono as the New TNI Commander

- 13 December 2022 14:58 WIB
Admiral Yudo Margono. (Twitter screenshot @_TNIAL_)
Admiral Yudo Margono. (Twitter screenshot @_TNIAL_)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Plenary Meeting of the Indonesian Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, officially approved Admiral Yudo Margono as Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces.

Admiral Yudo Margono will be officially appointed by President Joko Widodo to become the definitive TNI Commander replacing General Andika Perkasa who is retiring on December 21, 2022.

The plenary session at the DPR Building, Senayan, Jakarta was chaired directly by the Chairman of DPR, Puan Maharani.

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"Is the DPR Commission I report on the results of the fit and proper test for the TNI Commander candidate regarding the respectful dismissal of General Andika Perkasa from the position of TNI Commander and approval for the appointment of Admiral Yudo Margono as TNI Commander. Can it be approved?" said Puan Maharani.

The question was answered in agreement by all the leaders and members present and was greeted with a hammer knock once as a sign of approval.

Puan then invited Admiral Yudo to come up on the pulpit to be introduced and take a photo with the DPR leadership.

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The DPR Plenary Meeting also officially endorsed the honorable dismissal of General Andika Perkasa from the position of TNI Commander at the plenary meeting.

Puan Maharani also expressed her gratitude to General Andika Perkasa for his service as a soldier up to the TNI Commander.

"We thank you for your Dharma devotion to the nation and state of Indonesia," said Puan before closing the meeting.

"Giving approval for the appointment of the candidate for TNI Commander, Admiral Yudo Margono, as TNI Commander," she said.

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