Journalists Are Allowed to Have Political Choices, Here Are Tips From ProMedia's CEO to Maintain Neutrality

- 21 November 2022 14:03 WIB
CEO ProMedia Teknologi Indonesia Agus Sulistriyono  (Instagram @azoelis)
CEO ProMedia Teknologi Indonesia Agus Sulistriyono (Instagram @azoelis)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Towards the people's democratic party in 2024, the role of the media as a gateway for information is becoming increasingly important.

The neutrality and independence of the mass media is the concern of various national stakeholders.

CEO of ProMedia Technology Indonesia Agus Sulistriyono said that in principle, journalists are not prohibited from having political choices. However, they must maintain the principles of neutrality and independence for each of their journalistic works.

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So how does a journalist maintain these two principles?

"Reporters are not prohibited from having political choices, no, but they shouldn't be seen around," said Agus Sulistriyono in a media discussion entitled 'Strengthening Election Organizer Resources in Implementing Democracy 2024' at the KPU RI media center, Central Jakarta, Friday, November 18, 2022.

Be careful posting content on social media

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Sulis, Agus Sulistriyono's nickname, explained his experience as editor-in-chief at a number of Kompas Gramedia (KG) media networks several years ago.


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara


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