Indonesian National Police Place Mobile Repeaters at Blank Spots in Bali to Facilitate Radio Communications

- 15 November 2022 15:11 WIB
The National Police's ICT Div has set up mobile repeater cars at blank location points. (Photo/Polri Public Relation Division)
The National Police's ICT Div has set up mobile repeater cars at blank location points. (Photo/Polri Public Relation Division)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Technology, Information and Communications Division (Div ICT) of Indonesian National Police placed mobile repeater cars at radio communication network blank spots or blind spots.

The repeaters will facilitate communications for field personnel carrying out security duties and escorting the G20 Summit entourage.

One mobile repeater was placed near the Apurva Kempinski Hotel, at Nusa Dua Selatan Street, Badung, Bali.

The natural hills and winding roads of the area made it necessary for a repeater in order to maintain clear communications during the G20 Summit.

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"After being surveyed, the vehicles are kept at this location to expand the range of radio communication. The blank spots were covered with mobile repeater vehicles so that the escorts don't stop communication," said Police Grand Commissioner Adjutant Arie Wibisono at the location on Sunday November, 13, 2022.

Previously, Arie, assisted by seven other members, conducted a survey of places that were considered to have poor radio signal reception.

Before the repeater was placed, the communication range still had poor radio signal reception, especially around the Mulia Hotel because of the blank spot. However, after installing the device, the signal can be strengthened up to 5 kilometers.

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"So after we install it, the communication range reached up to 5 kilometers, we make sure that no communication is interrupted on the path to locations around the Mulia, Hilton, Kempinsky, Ritz Carlton and Samabe hotels," said Arie.

To ensure that no communication services are disrupted, he and his four members are also on standby for 24 hours during. If there are obstacles such as a power outage, their personnel immediately turn on the generator located in the rear cabin.

He added that the Polri ICT Div car has a trunking site device that can be connected to the Bali Police trunking site, so that it can provide communication backup.

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