Bharada E Does Not Believe in the Claims that Brigadier J Sexually Harassed Putri Candrawathi

- 28 October 2022 13:39 WIB
Bharada Richard Eliezer alias Bharada E. (Photo/pmjnews)
Bharada Richard Eliezer alias Bharada E. (Photo/pmjnews)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Defendant Bharada Richard Eliezer, otherwise known as Bharada E, stated that he does not believe that Brigadier Yosua, or Brigadier J, committed sexual harassment against Putri Candrawathi, the wife of Ferdy Sambo.

"I'm not so sure bang Yos (Brigadier J) committed sexual harassment," said Bharada Eliezer during a trial proceeding at the South Jakarta District Court on Tuesday, October 25, 2022.

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Richard Eliezer said that he made a promise to Brigadier Yosua's family that he would tell the truth in the next proceeding.

"I just wanted to say that I will speak truthfully, I will defend for the last time, defend my brother, abang Yos for the last time," said Richard Eliezer.

When he was questioned by the panel of judges, Bharada E confirmed the witness testimony. 

"With your permission, your Honor, they (the witness testimony) are all true," said Richard.

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Bharada E was brought to tears when the family of Brigadier Yosua asked him to speak the truth during the trial.

Brigadier Yosua's father, Samuel Simanjuntak, his mother, and his aunt all asked Bharada E to speak the truth during a witness examination at the South Jakarta District Court on Tuesday, October 25, 2022.

"You have to be truthful, (about) what you saw, what you felt during the incident, I beg you to be truthful in front of the judge," said Samuel.

"We ask you to be as honest as you can possibly be so that my son's name can be cleaned, my son has already been brutally and cruelly murdered, and he is still being framed," said Brigadier Yosua's mother.

Yosua's mother tearfully pleaded with Bharada Eliezer to be truthful, so that Brigadier Yosua may rest in peace.

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