Public Prosecutor Reveals Moment of Closeness Between Brigadier J and Ferdy Sambo's wife, Putri Chandrawathi

- 13 October 2022 19:49 WIB
Ferdy Sambo's wife, Putri Chandrawathi during reconstruction. (Photo/pmjnews)
Ferdy Sambo's wife, Putri Chandrawathi during reconstruction. (Photo/pmjnews)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – In the indictment uploaded to the Case Investigation Information System (SIPP) of the South Jakarta District Court, the Public Prosecutor explained the moment of "closeness" between Brigadier Nopriansah Yosua Hutabarat or Brigadier J with Ferdy Sambo's wife, Putri Candrawathi.

The two were said to have been alone in the room for 15 minutes before the murder of Brigadier J at Ferdy Sambo's house.

The premeditated murder case against Brigadier Nopriansah Yosua Hutabarat or J will be scheduled to take place on Monday, October 17, 2022.

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In the indictment, the Prosecutor explained that initially there was a commotion between Brigadier J and Ferdy Sambo's driver, Kuat Ma'ruf, in Magelang, Central Java.

Ferdy Sambo's aides were aware of the commotion between the two, including Police Chief Brigadier (Bripka) Ricky Rizal.

Ricky, the prosecutor continued, had time to ask Brigadier J about the commotion. But at that time Joshua did not know what caused Kuat to scold him.

"Witness Ricky Rizal Wibowo went down again to the first floor to approach the Victim Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat who was in front of the house. Then he asked Nopriansyah Yosua Hutabarat, 'What's wrong, Yos?', and Nopriansyah Joshua Hutabarat answered, 'why is Kuat angry with me?," said the prosecutor in the indictment which was uploaded on Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

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After confirming the commotion, according to the prosecutor, Ricky took Brigadier J to meet Putri Chandrawathi.

At that time Brigadier J refused Ricky's invitation, but Ricky managed to persuade Brigadier J to meet Putri Candrawati in her room on the second floor.

"Then the victim Nopriansyah Yosua Hutabarat finally agreed and met the witness Putri Candrawathi sitting on the floor," the prosecutor said.

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"While the witness Putri Candrawathi sat on the bed leaning back. Then witness Ricky Rizal left Putri Candrawathi and victim Nopriansyah Yosua Hutabarat both in the private room of Putri Candrawathi," continued the prosecutor in the indictment.


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