Up to 50 Batik Producers Received the Batikmark Certification on National Batik Day 2022 in Yogyakarta

- 06 October 2022 17:31 WIB
On October 2, 2009, UNESCO recognized Indonesian Batik as an Intangible Cultural heritage of world cultural heritage. (Photo/Twitter @Kemenperin_RI)
On October 2, 2009, UNESCO recognized Indonesian Batik as an Intangible Cultural heritage of world cultural heritage. (Photo/Twitter @Kemenperin_RI)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The Ministry of Industry facilitated the certification of Batikmark “Indonesian Batik” to 50 small and medium-sized batik industries during the 2022 National Batik Day commemoration lheld in Yogyakarta, Central Java.

"In addition to ensuring quality, Batikmark certifications are also identify batik products authentically made in Indonesia. Thus, (making) Indonesian batik is easily recognized and trusted in the world," said the Head of the Industry Service Standardization and Policy Agency (BSKJI) of the Ministry of Industry, Doddy Rahadi in Yogyakarta on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

Batikmark certificates were symbolically handed over to Batik Erna from Mojokerto, East Java, Batik Kuntul Perak and Batik Beras Basah from Bontang, East Kalimantan, Batik Zhorif from Jambi, Sumatra, Zulpah Batik from Bangkalan, East Java.

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Doddy said the batik industry is one of the significant contributors to the national economy. The Ministry of Industry continues to push the industry, which is dominated by small industries, to continue to be productive and competitive.

"The Batikmark certification facility is a form of support from the Ministry of Industry to ensure the quality, quality and authenticity of Indonesian batik products, so that they are able to compete, both in local and global markets," he explained.

Doddy said the contribution of the batik industry to Indonesia's foreign exchange was reflected in the achievement of exports throughout 2021 which reached $46.24 million. In the first half of 2022, the export value of batik products reached $42 million.

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"This good performance is expected to continue to grow, along with the recovery of the post-pandemic national economy," he said.

The batik industry in the country has absorbed a workforce of 200,000 people from 47,000 business units spread across 101 regional batik industries of Indonesia. As part of the textile industry, batik is also one of the priorities in the implementation of the integrated roadmap of Making Indonesia 4.0.

Batik as Indonesia's original culture has now grown in areas that do not even have a batik tradition. Batik from an industrial point of view has encouraged many regions to have characteristics and motifs that represent elements of local culture.

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"Therefore, National Batik Day 2022 takes the theme "Batik Stringing Indonesia" which shows the diversity of batik throughout Indonesia so that it can become a means of unifying the nation and has the potential to be a driver of economic recovery from the impact of the pandemic, in line with the spirit of the G20 presidency, Recover Together, Recover Stronger, "explained Doddy.

On October 2, 2009, UNESCO recognized Indonesian Batik as an Intangible Cultural heritage of the world cultural heritage. The inauguration is a matter of pride and at the same time a challenge for the Indonesian people because all batik stakeholders in Indonesia are required to continue to preserve and protect batik as a sustainable cultural heritage.


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