Regional Metro Police Chief Confirms to Take Firm Action on 'Bad' Traffic Police Officers

- 19 September 2022 16:08 WIB
Polda) Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Fadil Imran. (Yeni/PMJNews)
Polda) Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Fadil Imran. (Yeni/PMJNews)

In the event of the 67th Bhayangkara traffic day, Fadil Imran also emphasized to his staff not to take the traffic jam problem lightly, especially in DKI Jakarta.

"Again, I remind you not to take the issue of traffic jams for granted," said Fadil in his statement.

Fadil asked his staff to be able to move quickly in early detection of the causes of congestion and find solutions to the congestion.

"This effort cannot be separated from coordination with other policymakers," said Fadil

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"Do screening and analyzing efforts to find out the source of the problem. Take concrete steps by educating discipline in cooperating with other agencies. And we must increase our sense of responsibility. The key is to move together," he said.

According to him, orderly traffic will be a reflection of the progress of a nation.

"This is a momentum that has a very meaningful meaning, traffic is an important thing. Why? I see the progress of the nation can be seen from the traffic," he said.

"Starting from the level of discipline, driving order, discipline in paying taxes to indicators of economic progress," he continued.



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