PPATK Freezes 312 Accounts Related to Online Gambling with a Total Value of Rp 836 billion

- 14 September 2022 13:31 WIB
Head of the Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis, Ivan Yustiavandana. (Photo: PPATK
Head of the Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis, Ivan Yustiavandana. (Photo: PPATK

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The war against online gambling continues. This time the Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) had frozen 312 accounts related to online gambling transactions throughout 2022.

The total number of online gambling funds from these accounts reached Rp 836 billion.

"So the total transactions that have been frozen by the PPATK in 2022 alone are 312 accounts, the contents of which are Rp 836 billion," said The head of the PPATK, Ivan Yustiavandana during a working meeting with Commission III at the Indonesian Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

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Ivan also said that so far PPATK has received reports and analyzed as many as 121 million transactions related to online gambling.

"That's a total of Rp 155,459,000,000,000, so it's really big," he said.

Ivan added that the PPATK has also frozen 500 online gambling accounts recently. Ivan claimed that the 500 frozen accounts had flowed to various parties.

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Ivan said that hundreds of accounts that were frozen have now been reported to the National Police. However, he did not specify the origin of the 500 accounts.

"We are still doing the analysis and we have coordinated with the National Police and we have conveyed some information to the Police. We have frozen nearly 500 accounts," said Ivan.

On the same occasion, Ivan explained that of the 500 frozen accounts, they consisted of various levels of society. Starting from the police officers, students, and civil servants, to housewives.

"There are all IRT (housewives) elements, students, private people, civil servants," he said.


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