Ferdy Sambo Denies Personally Shooting Brigadier J

- 12 September 2022 13:20 WIB
Ferdy Sambo at the crime reconstruction of the premeditated murder of Brigadier J. (Photo/screenshot @PolriTV)
Ferdy Sambo at the crime reconstruction of the premeditated murder of Brigadier J. (Photo/screenshot @PolriTV)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The prime suspect in the premeditated murder of Brigadier J, Ferdy Sambo denied personally participating in killing Brigadier J, or Yosua Hutabarat

Ferdy Sambo's statement is directly at odds with the confession of Bharada Richard Eliezer, or Bharada E, which he made during the polygraph testing recently.

"Our client and the other suspects denied this so that based on Bharade E's statement, the facts will all be tested in court," said Ferdy Sambo's attorney, Arman Hanis, to reporters on Saturday, September 10, 2022.

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Arman even questioned the contents of the lie detector examination conducted on Bripka Ricky Rizal and Kuat Ma'ruf. The reason is, that both of them are also declared honest as Bharada E.

"What are the results of the lie detector tests from other suspects such as KM and RR? Is it the same or not?" he said.

Previously, Bharada E through his lawyer, Ronny Talapessy, conveyed that he admitted that he shot Brigadier J first and the last shot was fired by Ferdy Sambo.

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"One of the crucial points is who shot (Brigadier) J. My client replied 'I was the first and FS shot the last'," explained Ronny.

Ronny added that his client was declared truthful in the lie detector test.


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