AKBP Pujiyarto Sentenced to Special Detention for Processing Putri Chandrawati's False Report

- 10 September 2022 10:55 WIB
Adjunct Chief Commissioner (AKBP) Pujiyarto at Indonesian Police Code of Ethics Commission trial. (Photo/screenshot PolriTV)
Adjunct Chief Commissioner (AKBP) Pujiyarto at Indonesian Police Code of Ethics Commission trial. (Photo/screenshot PolriTV)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Former Head of Sub-Directorate of Youth, Children and Women (Renakta) of Polda Metro Jaya Police, Adjunct Chief Commissioner (AKBP) Pujiyarto was sentenced to a special placement for 28 days by Indonesian Police Code of Ethics Commission trial.

AKBP Pujianto was declared to have violated the code of ethics for processing reports of sexual harassment reported by Ferdi Sambo's wife, Putri Chandrawati.

"Administrative sanctions are in the form of placement in a special place for 28 days from August 12 to September 9 2022 in the special room at National Police Internal Affair Division," said National Police spokesperson, Inspector General Pol Dedi Prasetyo to reporters, Friday, September, 9 2022.

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In addition to administrative sanctions, AKBP Pujiyarto is also said to have committed a disgraceful act in his violation. AKBP Pujiyarto in ethical sanctions is required to verbally apologize to the police institution before the code of ethics commission.

"Imposing punishment to those concerned with ethical sanctions. First, the violation declared as disgraceful act. Then second, it is the violator's obligation to apologize verbally before the ethics commission and or in writing to the Chief of Indonesian National Police and and the aggrieved party," he explained.

In ethics commission trial against AKBP Pujiyarto, 3 witnesses were presented. The trial lasted for approximately 8 hours at the National Police TNCC Building, South Jakarta.

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Meanwhile, the former Deputy Director of General Crime (Wadirkrimum) Polda Metro Jaya Police Adjunct Chief Commissioner Jerry Raymond Siagian (AKBP JS) also underwent a Code of Ethics Commission trial for his violation in the case of Brigadier J.

Inspector General Pol Dedi Prasetyo said the violations committed by AKBP JS in the case of Brigadier J were related to unprofessionalism in carrying out duties.

"Regarding the act of unprofessionalism in handling police reports," said Dedi.



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