Profile of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo: Age, Background, Ethnicity, Case and his Dishonorable Discharge

- 29 August 2022 14:37 WIB
A screenshot of Ferdy Sambo's trial proceedings taken from PolriTV.
A screenshot of Ferdy Sambo's trial proceedings taken from PolriTV.

JAKARTADAILY.ID – The name of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, former Head of the Indonesian National Police Internal Affairs Division, has emerged to the public in the last two months.

The general who became the mastermind in the murder case of Brigadier J has since been dishonorably discharged from the National Police ranks.

The public who were new to Inspector General Sambo when the Brigadier J case surfaced were certainly curious about the Profile, biodata, religion, family, origin, education, rank, and position of the former Head of the National Police Internal Affairs Division.

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Inspector General Ferdy Sambo succeeded in occupying the position of Head of the National Police Internal Affairs Division in a fairly short time, the career of this police officer from Barru, South Sulawesi is quite brilliant.

Inspector General Ferdy Sambo even became one of the youngest police officers to achieve the rank of Inspector General of Police (two stars).

Throughout his career at the Indonesian National Police Agency, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo has alternated in strategic positions, starting from the Brebes Police Chief, Head of Police Chief Personal Staff (Koorspripim), to the Director of General Crimes (Dirtipidum) of the National Police Criminal and Investigation Agency (Bareskrim Polri).

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The following is a complete Profile and biodata, ranging from religion, age, origin, ethnicity, to family.

The full name:  Inspector General of Police Ferdy Sambo.

Sambo was born in Barru, South Sulawesi on February 19, 1973. When this Profile and biodata were written in Malang Terkini, he was 49 years old.

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Inspector General Ferdy Sambo embraced Christianity, this was known from one of his wife's social media account uploads, Putri Candrawati while celebrating Christmas.

According to information compiled from various sources, Sambo is one of the surnames of the Toraja tribe, South Sulawesi.


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