Banten Regional Police Asks Ministry of Communication and Information to Block 71 Online Gambling Sites

- 26 August 2022 12:55 WIB
Illustration.  A jackpot screen. (Photo/freepik)
Illustration. A jackpot screen. (Photo/freepik)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Banten Regional Police asked the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Infomation (Kominfo) to block 71 online gambling sites. Most of them are number guessing games known locally as "togel."

Banten Police spokesperson Chef Commissioner Shinto Silitonga said these 71 online gambling sites were the result of the uncovering of 29 gambling cases and 65 suspects from August 13 to August 14.

“(We) will immediately send a letter to Kominfo to block the online gambling websites,” said Shinto to the press, at the Banten Police Headquarters in Banten, West Java on Thursday, August 25, 2022.

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The blocked online gambling sites include; All Togel, Eagle Game, Naga 66, Harvest 55, Eagle 189, Dana 189, Raden 99, Delta Toel, Jitu Paito, Sydney Togel.

Then, Hong Kong Togel, Singapore Togel, Nadim Togel, Togel Cigarette Bet, Abu Togel, Toto Celebrity, Enter Togel, Wak Togel, Batik Poker, Ludo King Game App, and Pakong Lama.Com9.

The Banten Police Chief Inspector General Rudy Heriyanto continued Shinto, appreciated the active participation of the community together in eradicating all forms of gambling with the Banten Police, and again motivated the public not to hesitate to submit the slightest information about gambling to the Banten Police.

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"For people who have gambling information in any form, they can contact the operator of the General Crime Directorate (Ditreskrimum) Gambling Command Post at the Banten Police at number 081818865231,” he said.

Shinto added, that the Banten Police guarantees the security of the identity of the people who provide information and ensures that they will immediately follow up on the information provided to the Command Post.


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