Komnas HAM in Possession of Evidence That Suggests Ferdy Sambo Attempted to Obstruct Investigations

- 23 August 2022 17:13 WIB
National Human Rights Commissioner Choirul Anam giving a statement. (Photo/ PMJ/Komnas HAM).
National Human Rights Commissioner Choirul Anam giving a statement. (Photo/ PMJ/Komnas HAM).

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Indonesian National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) said that they are in possession of critical evidence that indicates that Ferdy Sambo tried to obstruct investigations. 

The evidence in question is a digital trace that suggests that Ferdy Sambo ordered to have evidence removed after he ordered Brigadier J to be killed. 

"We also got one that is also important is an order related to evidence, to eliminate traces," said Anam in a meeting with Commission III of the DPR, Monday, August 22, 2022.

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"We have obtained the digital footprint," he added.

According to Anam, the evidence suggests that the suspect attempted to hide evidence and obstruct justice from the beginning. These attempts subsequently hampered investigations into the murder of Brigadier J at the time.

"That's why, although still inconclusive, we believe in the existence of an obstruction of justice, blocking, fabricating, making stories, and so on is why the investigation process was slow to find the truth," he said.

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"But when we get those digital track records, it makes it easier for all of us actually to start rebuilding the facts of the events."

Anam also revealed that Komnas HAM had obtained a photo of Brigadier J at Ferdy Sambo’s house. The photo evidence of Brigadier J's body after the incident.

“We got a photo that took place on the 8th (July 2022), at the crime scene after the incident, the position of the body that was still in its place at the Duren Tiga location," said Anam.

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"We will also recommend this later to the police, maybe the police must also have it too, but we have it too," he added.

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