Mahfud MD: Ferdy Sambo Has a Very Powerful Empire in the Police System

- 19 August 2022 14:28 WIB
Former Internal Affairs Chief Ferdy Sambo speaking to the press. (Polri)
Former Internal Affairs Chief Ferdy Sambo speaking to the press. (Polri)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD said that the mastermind behind the murder of Brigadier J, Ferdy Sambo, had a large group within the National Police which he described as the ruling empire.

"What is clear is that there are obstacles in a structural way because it cannot be denied that there is a Sambo group itself which is like a police empire within it. Like the sub-Headquarters, this is the most powerful," Mahfud said in a statement. Akbar Faizal Uncensored's Youtube channel, quoted by Thursday, August 18, 2022.

According to Mahfud, this "empire" was the cause of many obstacles in the investigation into the shooting of Brigadier J. Even the National Police Chief felt the obstacles.

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“And this is what really gets in the way. This group of 31 people who have now been detained, said Mahfud MD.

Even so, Mahfud assessed that the National Police Chief was quite responsive in terms of communication and coordination.

"Hidden from the National Police Chief by Sambo's people. So the National Police Chief feels a bit slow. But he is responsive to external issues, such as communication with us and the community. He works so that everything is finished even though it's a bit late," Mahfud said.

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The National Police responded to the news that there was an 'empire' from Ferdy Sambo within the ranks of the Indonesian National Police. The police said that they are currently focusing on handling the case of Brigadier J.

National Police spokesperson Inspector General Pol Dedi Prasetyo said the Special Inspectorate (Itsus) was currently focusing on proving premeditated murder in the application of Articles in the case that killed Brigadier J.

"Currently, the focus of proving the articles that have been applied is (ie Article) 340 subsidiary 338 junction 55 and 56. The focus is there," said Dedi to reporters, Thursday, Agustus 18, 2022.

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