Indonesian National Police Dismisses Three Generals and Middle Officers in the Aftermath of Brigadier J Case

- 05 August 2022 16:32 WIB
Indonesian National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo speaking to the press. (Photo/screenshot PolriTV)
Indonesian National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo speaking to the press. (Photo/screenshot PolriTV)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Indonesian National Police dismissed three generals and mid-level officers from their positions following the death of Brigadier J at the official residence of the former Head of the Propam Division, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo.

The decision was stated in the Chief of Police's Circular Number 1628/VIII/KEP/20222 dated August 4, 2022. The members were transferred to become high-ranking officers of the National Police Headquarters Service (Yanma).

The names of the removed police generals, namely Ferdy Sambo, who previously served as the Head of the Propam Division of the National Police, have now been transferred and replaced by Deputy Head of the Police and Criminal Investigation Agency, Inspector General Syahardiantono.

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Then Brigadier General Hendra Kurniawan, who previously served as Head of Internal Security Bureau of the National Police Propam Division, which is currently assigned to this position by Brigadier General Anggoro Sukartono.

Then Brigadier General Benny Ali was removed from his position as Head of Provos of the Police Propam Division. His position was replaced by Chief Commissioner Gupuh Setiyono.

Meanwhile, the middle officers who were removed were Grand Commissioner Denny Setia Nugraha Nasution,  Senior Commissioner Agus Nur Patria, Adjunct Chief Commissioner Arif Rachman Arifin, Police Commissioner Baiquni Wibowo, Police Commissioner Chuck Putranto, Adjunct Chief Commissioner Ridwan Rheky Nellson Soplanit, Police Adjunct Commissioner Rifaizal Samual.

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Indonesian National Poice Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said the mutation was carried out after an inspection was carried out at the Special Inspectorate for the Special Team (Irsus Timsus).


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