Hashtag Calling for the Arrest Ferdy Sambo Trends on Twitter as the Public Starts to Suspect a Coverup

- 21 July 2022 12:09 WIB
Brigadier J and general Ferdi Sambo (Screencapture of Andi Siahaan Twitter)
Brigadier J and general Ferdi Sambo (Screencapture of Andi Siahaan Twitter)

JAKARTADAILY.ID  – A hashtag calling for the arrest of suspended Inspector General Ferdy Sambo trended on Twitter this week.

The Indonesian public on Twitter has been questioning the details regarding the police-on-police shooting between Brigadier J and Bharada E on July 8, 2022, at Ferdy Sambo's residence in Jakarta. 

Twitter user Babeh Na'im going by the username @jojoe_gaza claimed that a conspiracy was currently happening and that the sexual harassment issue was being used to cover up the actual details, the user said it was a "classic" strategy.


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Apart from Babeh Na'im, user Kerupuk Basah @kerupukbasah05 also suspected that there was a conspiracy in the case of Brigadier J.

According to this user, if it was just an ordinary shootout, it would be impossible for Karo Paminal to have to take Brigadier J's body to Jambi and intimidate the family.

"The conspiracy was already from the beginning, if it was just a normal shooting, it would be impossible for Karo Paminal to personally transport the bodies to Jambi and intimidate the family. #TangkapFerdySambo," tweeted Kerupuk Basah.

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User Kerupuk Basah (lit. "Wet Cracker") also mentioned that the Metro Jaya Police Chief, Fadil Imran, had known this from the start but was deliberately silent.

"Fadil Imran knew from the start and was deliberately silent, The conspiracy did happen from the start! #PersekongkolanDewanjenjen #TangkapFerdySambo," said Kerupuk Basah 

In addition to the issue of conspiracy, the latest hashtag is filled with infidelity issues. AKP Rita Yuliana, who is also trending on Google, is associated with a special relationship with Inspector General Ferdy Sambo.

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Wild rumors about Rita Yuliana's AKP quickly spread on social media. Netizens reveal Rita Yuliana's relationship with Ferdy Sambo.


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