Police-on-Police Shooting: Indonesian Social Media Speculates a 'Mistress' Might Have Had a Role in the Case

- 21 July 2022 11:22 WIB
Police Adjunct Commissioner (AKP) Rita Yuliana. (Photo/pikiran-rakyat.com)
Police Adjunct Commissioner (AKP) Rita Yuliana. (Photo/pikiran-rakyat.com)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – As top officials at the Indonesian National Police have been busy with the investigations of the police-on-police shooting, the Indonesian public has been speculating online that a young "mistress" might have played a role in the feud. 

That mistress, according to a Twitter user that goes by @m_mokoginta, is Police Adjunct Commissioner (AKP) Rita Yuliana, who had the proverbial internet hive buzzing, as the name is currently trending on Google search and social media platforms in the country on Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

The anonymous account tweeted that the now suspended National Police's Internal Affairs Chief Inspector General Ferdy Sambo has not been in a good relationship with his wife Putri Candrawathi.

The 'mistress' mystery

Although the Twitter account did not explicitly accuse Ferdy Sambo of having an affair with Yuliana, @m_mokoginta, they did say she is a mistress to someone.

The Twitter user did not elaborate further. 

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