Indonesian Police Investigating Deadly Accident in Bekasi That Left Ten Dead and Five Heavily Injured

- 20 July 2022 11:43 WIB
Brigadier General Pol Aan Suhanan. (Photo/ instagram NTMC Polri)
Brigadier General Pol Aan Suhanan. (Photo/ instagram NTMC Polri)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – A fatal accident occurred on Jalan Alternative Cibubur, Bekasi City, on Monday, July 18, 2022, at around 15.55 WIB. A Pertamina tanker truck hit two cars and ten motorcycles. Ten people died in this accident while five others were injured.

The Director of Law Enforcement (Dirgakkum) of the Indonesian Traffic Corps (Korlantas) of the National Police Brigadier General Aan Suhanan said his party would examine the cause of the deadly accident which was allegedly due to dead traffic light on the road.

“After we process the crime scene and reconstruct it, we will conduct a Group Discussion Forum (FGD) with existing stakeholders. We will provide recommendations on the results of the findings at the TKP starting from the road situation, road construction, signs, and traffic lights, it will be seen that the benefits and positions there allow not to use traffic lights. Later, we will provide recommendations after processing the crime scene and FGD," he said, quoted from the Korlantas Polri website, Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

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"After processing the crime scene, we will conduct FGD related to the road situation, road construction, later the results of our FGD will provide input to interested stakeholders," he added.

Aan emphasize that his party will convey the results of the crime scene and examination and those involved will be further processed.

"All the results of the crime scene, examination, and those involved will be processed. This will include road managers, businessmen, if the negligence is found," he said.

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Aan added that this incident was similar to an accident at a traffic light in East Kalimantan.

“This is exactly the case at the East Kalimantan red light, where there is a red light on the descent. But we are waiting for this investigation process,” he added.

Meanwhile, the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) has also started an investigation.

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KNKT's Senior Investigator, Ahmad Wildan, said that a thorough investigation of the accident would be carried out. Starting from the condition of the vehicle to the contours of the road where the incident occurred.

"First we check the vehicle, then we will also measure this road, how many slips, how long is the thin slope, then there are issues regarding the 'traffic light' too, we will observe and analyze it later," said Ahmad Wildan when confirmed by reporters, Tuesday, July 19, 2022.


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