Police Seize Rp 1.8 Billion from Payment Gateway Account in Bimono Binary Options Trading Case

- 07 June 2022 15:21 WIB
The suspect in the Binomo trading application fraud case, Indra Kesuma. (Photo/Courtesy of Bareskrim Polri)
The suspect in the Binomo trading application fraud case, Indra Kesuma. (Photo/Courtesy of Bareskrim Polri)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – Investigators from the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police (Bareskrim Polri) continue to investigate the case of Binomo's fraudulent investment in binary options trading that ensnared Indra Kenz.

Head of unit 5 Sub-Directorate II of Banking, Directorate of Special Economic Crimes (Dittipideksus) of the National Police, Police commissioner Karta, said the police confiscated billions of rupiah from the payment gateway (PG) account.

"There has been a confiscation of funds in the PG account of PT. Dhasatra Money Transfer for transactions belonging to PT. Beta Access Voucher of Rp. 1.8 billion," said Karta, according to a police release published on Monday 6 June 2022.

Karta said the confiscated money was not the asset of suspect Indra Kenz. Instead, the money is from transactions of the victims of Binomo.

"It's related to the transactions of Binomo players who follow the IK (Indra) link. Broadly speaking, it's Binomo's flow," said Karta.

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Meanwhile, the Head of Sub-Directorate II of the Dittipideksus Bareskrim Polri Senior Commissioner Chandra Sukma Kumara explained, that his party had conducted a search for the transactions of the victims of Binomo before the confiscation. The search was carried out on PT Dhasatra's account.

"(It was found) that there was a collaboration between PT Beta Access Voucher to open a PG account at PT Dhasatra Money Transfer," Chandra explained when confirmed separately.

In the fraudulent investment case that ensnared Indra Kenz, the Criminal Investigation Police investigators have confiscated a number of evidence in the form of money and goods. The evidence seized was documents and electronic evidence, Tesla and Ferrari luxury cars, and three housing units in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra.

Furthermore, the Bareskrim Polri also confiscated a plot of land and buildings in Tangerang. Then, 12 luxury watches, next in cash Rp 1,645,262,000.

All confiscated evidence will be submitted to the court. In order to get a decision to be used as compensation for the losses of the victims.

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Meanwhile, seven people have been named as suspects in the Binomo fraudulent investment case. Among them, Indra Kesuma alias Indra Kenz as Binomo affiliate, Brian Edgar Nababan as Binomo carrier to Indonesia and affiliate recruiter Fakar Suhartami Pratama alias Fakarich.

Then, Wiky Mandara Nurhalim as Indra's admin staff, Fakarich as Indra Kenz's recruiter.


Editor: Suksmajati Kumara

Source: polri.go.id


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