East Java Police Gives 'Janur Kuning' to Travelers Who Violate Traffic Rules

- 04 May 2022 10:36 WIB
An illustration of homecomers getting a ticket for violating the traffic rules (NTMC/Polri)
An illustration of homecomers getting a ticket for violating the traffic rules (NTMC/Polri)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - The police in various regions have prepared special policies to escort travelers who are going back to their hometowns.

One of the most unique things was carried out by the East Java Regional Police during the homecoming season and Eid al-Fitr 1443 H this year.

Homecomers who violate the rules will not be given a ticket for their violation.

Instead, these violators will be given yellow coconut leaves (janur kuning) if they get caught violating traffic rules.

"With the attack of yellow coconut leaves on those who don't obey [the rules], our members will greet and give yellow coconut leaves," said Traffic Director of East Java Regional Police, Sr. Commr. Latief Usman, as quoted from NTMC Police on Monday, May 2, 2022.

There is a purpose why the yellow coconut leaves are given to travelers who violate traffic rules.

This is performed so that the police can identify violators who have violated other traffic.

In addition, the yellow coconut leaves can also be a sign for other motorists to be wary of these violators.

These actions are carried out in a humane manner, but there are also other elements of law enforcement.

"There is no manual action, all law enforcement will be done electronically," Usman added.

Usman also asked the travelers to obey the rules while performing homecoming to their hometowns.

He also asked travelers heading to East Java not to overuse their stamina and to take a rest and take advantage of the rest areas provided.

The article was translated from Pikiran-Rakyat.com's article titled "Bukannya Ditilang, Pemudik yang Langgar Aturan Lalu Lintas Justru Diberikan 'Janur Kuning'?".

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Editor: Mukhtar Wijaya


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