Ministry of PUPR Prepares Sapta Taruna Homecoming Command Post on the Pansela Alternative Route

- 26 April 2022 15:56 WIB
The Sapta Taruna homecoming post on the Java South Coastal Road (Pansela)
The Sapta Taruna homecoming post on the Java South Coastal Road (Pansela)

JAKARTADAILY.ID -- The Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) has prepared the Sapta Taruna homecoming post on the Java South Coastal Road (Pansela) which will become an alternative route for travelers in Eid Hollyday 2022 other than the North Coast Cross (Pantura) and Central Java Island.

Head of the Central Java-DIY National Road Implementation Center (BBPJN), Wida Nurfaida, said that in the Central Java-DIY Pansela Region, four Sapta Taruna Homecoming Alert Posts had been prepared.

There are two posts each in the Central Java region, precisely on Daendels Street, Sawah, Depokrejo, Purworejo Regency and in the Giriwoyo - Glonggong Section (KM. Girijati, Bantul Regency.

"The command post will provide information about Pansela, and facilities for rest such as toilets and prayer rooms. This command post is also to anticipate if there is a disaster incident, which is ready to coordinate with the Police Command Post and the Ministry of Transportation as well," said Wida, quoted from, Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

Meanwhile, for the safety of motorists, Wida stated that he had checked the readiness of Public Street Lighting (PJU) from Jladri to Yogya.

"There are certain spots where there are no PJUs, we will install traffic markers or safety delineators, guardrails/road safety fences, and reflectors," she said.

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Regarding the issue of fuel supply at Pansela, Central Java-DIY BBPJN, Ministry of PUPR has also checked the availability of gas stations at Pansela.

"There are 4 large gas stations and several mini gas stations. We have also surveyed many resting places, now culinary places and beach tourism are open," said Wida.

In general, the total length of the Pansela in Central Java-DIY is 332.91 km and until September 2021, 165.13 km have been built in Central Java and 92.81 km in DIY.

"So there are still 47.4 km in Central Java and 27.57 km in DIY. So, 80% of the combined progress has been built and the rest are currently under construction," said Wida.

Although there is still work left, he ensures that it will not be a problem for travelers. "If there are (unconnected) activities, the activities are not deadlocked. We will divert and connect them with national and district roads," explained Wida.

Editor: Mukhtar Wijaya

Source: PUPR


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