Former TNI Commander Gatot Nurmantyo Denies Accusation of Masterminding April 11 Rally

- 11 April 2022 20:37 WIB
Students participating in April 11 rally threatened with expulsion, criminal sanctions ((Pikiran Rakyat/ Amir Faisol))
Students participating in April 11 rally threatened with expulsion, criminal sanctions ((Pikiran Rakyat/ Amir Faisol))

JAKARTADAILY.ID - The massive rally held on Monday, April 11, 2022, was not free of "terrors" and intimidation.

There were reportedly misinformation and hacking of several accounts belonging to the Indonesian Student Executive Board committee.

One of the widespread rumors was that the April 11, 2022 rally was hijacked by several parties.

Among the accused opposition parties, the name Coalition for Action to Save Indonesia (KAMI) emerged.

This is not the first time KAMI has been accused of hijacking a demonstration. The organization was previously accused of being the mastermind behind the mass protest against the Omnibus Law two years prior.

Former TNI Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo had recently spoken up to the frequent accusations aimed at his side.

The KAMI declarator claimed he paid the accusation no mind, saying that such suspicion is common in a democracy. "In a democracy, suspicion is normal. People are suspicious, it's normal. There are husband and wife who suspect each other, that's normal, too," said Gatot Nurmantyo on Sunday, April 10, 2022.

He also said that the people who accused KAMI of masterminding the April 11, 2022 rally were "intelligence agents who have run out of ideas".

"Well, this [rumor was started] by intelligence agents who have run out of ideas. [They'd] just say KAMI so as to please their superiors. We, KAMI, are [their] opposition, and oppositions are branded by them," said Gatot Nurmantyo.

Gatot later emphasized that KAMI never speaks without any basis when criticizing the government. "I think what KAMI does is provide inputs based on undeniable facts so things may be improved," said Gatot Nurmantyo, as quoted from the Hersubeno Point YouTube channel.

Students of the All-Indonesia Student Executive Board held a rally in front of the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, earlier today, April 11, 2022.

Six points of demand were submitted by students during the rally. One of them was related to the suggestions of extending the presidential term and postponing the 2024 election.

In response, the Metro Jaya Regional Police had set up the traffic around the area of ​​the State Palace, the National Monument, and the House of Representatives.

The article was translated from's article titled "Dituding Jadi Dalang Demo 11 April 2022, Gatot Nurmantyo Buka Suara".
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